Team mobile surveillance
Rural Covert Observations
Midlands Based. National Coverage.

Employing the use of a skilled surveillance team can prove highly beneficial in any enquiry. Some investigations can go no further without on-the-ground evidence gathering.

Due to the nature of our work, results can never be guaranteed, however we always meticulously plan ahead to maximise our chances of success. We pride ourselves on our proficiency. Undercover operations are our bread and butter.

                                                                           Surveillance benefits investigations in:

                                                                                        - Injury Fraud

                                                                                        - Matrimonial

                                                                                        - Child Custody

                                                                                        - False Sick leave claims

                                                                                        - Corporate & Moonlighting

                                                                                        - Due Diligence against romance fraud


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Whether you want to reconnect with a long lost friend or identify the details of a debtor, we have the skill set to find you what you seek to know and more. Some people don't want to be found, but in the digital age we all leave a signature somewhere, it's only a matter of time and patience.

                                                                           Traces we facilitate may involve:

                                                                                     - Identifying Debtors

                                                                                     - Finding Missing Persons

                                                                                     - Background Checks

                                                                                     - Genealogy

                                                                                     - Witness tracing

                                                                                     - Due Diligence against romance fraud

                                                                                     - Asset search and locate

There are over 7.6 Billion people in the world, let us find the right one.

Enquiries & General Investigations.

We offer a broad range of investigative services to assist our clients, often in-guise and requiring a calm nature under pressure. Utilising technology for cost effective solutions. Naturally, we can collaborate all our disciplines, ensuring that each case we handle has the best possible outcome for our clients. The evidence we gather is always presented in a clear and concise report, eligible for use in legal action.

Every case is unique, with its own complexities and it could feel as though nothing is achievable. Ingenuity and tradecraft may prove otherwise, drop us an email and find out today.